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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Penile atrophy, disuse based

Like most organs in the body a penis will atrophy if not used frequently enough,  and shrivel into a useless urine transit system that old ninety year olds die with. The process by which this happens is multifold. Testosterone unlike most hormones does not work through a negative feedback loop. In fact it’s the direct opposite. The more you produce the more the sertolli cell (testisticular) production is pumped up, the more muscle is build, the more fit you become. (for more sex)

If on the other hand you let your wife decide on the rate of coupling, which will be very infrequent if you asked most married women, you accumulate fat which produce estrogen. The sertolli cell production drops to your socks and less muscle is built. The vicious cycle is entrenched.

I did not say that married men should demand more sex. I am just stating some of the bare facts behind your disappearing manhood and how it could be remedied. Using testosterone injections should only be reserved for professionals as the introduction of external source of testosterone is riddled with lots of complications. The testosterone should be a human analogue to start with. This brings us to the second problem which is the association of this laboratory engineered testosterone molecules with cancer of not only the prostate but the testis and probably lots of other complications unbeknown to man.

Human analogue testosterone is not associated with a higher incidence of prostate and scrotal cancer I should emhasize, before some of you repeat what your doctor said. Had that been the case the highest incidence of prostate cancer would be in the late twenties before the actual level starts decreasing in the blood. By the time one has hardly any testosterone compared to your teens, your prostate cancer starts being a major factor. Fifty year olds, let alone ninety (when it’s most prevalent) should be protected if the association was true. The chemical structure of the drug given as testosterone is the problem in the sense that it never is natural. If men had to drink urine from their teen children for purified testosterone, it would still be better than being given a carcinogen.  Don’t squirm most of you women are still taking horse urine for hormone replacement therapy. That’s the reason why there are so many associated complications. You have a better solution though and it’s staring you right in the face, more sex.

  The beneficial effects of the increased frequency are not only limited to cancer prevention and muscle buildup as you will discover when you read more of our letters. Serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine to mention a few, are the kingpin mood elevators. Everybody has something to gain from this provided each party demands and justifies what is theirs to give and what they get for it.

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Dr R B Makgale

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