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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The regal status men assumed and HIV incidence in KZN

Facts are harsh and uncompromising. Ignored and brushed aside even misinterpreted by cadre deployees, the  truth stays shining through. African intellectuals owe it to the poor to free them out of ignorance and poverty

Avoid politics, grade 2 CV leadership and start sideways.  KZN burns are almost all paediatric. The female population is next up but males contribute a relatively insignificant  number. The other provinces might still have kids leading the stakes, but an equally large number is males burned by their estranged spouses.

Women don't burn their men in KZN. They might be snoring the dreamland land away but men remain kings. It shows even on the stats of men appearing at maintenance court for support. Their regal status is not tainted by refusing to support their offspring. The only redemption traffic police had in most eyes is arresting maintenance defaulters. Don't hold your breath for that while in KZN. The roadblock is solely for arresting those with unpaid tickets, an ATM for crooks, something very irritating to most of us. The traffic police stay pure scum of this earth, legalised day light robbery.

It could be this very regal status afforded to men skewing the incidence of HIV in KZN.

It's the very men who have to wear a condom during sex to avoid passing the virus on. It's the very men who are HIV positive infecting younger women and school girls. It's the very men who think beating up a wife, girlfriend or any woman deemed to be disrespectful is a birthright. Sudden metamorphosis is expected to turn them into a caring role players for the spouses and the children they won't support in the first place. It is this very men who never want to come to the hospital to have their status checked.

Our cards are stacked on a sand castle. It can't possibly stand. It shows in the incidence of HIV province by province. The only drive that gets a reasonable number of men to the hospital is male circumcision.
That has its loose end as well though.
Until the likelihood of infecting a woman having sex with circumcised man as compared to those non circumcised is done, the door is still open for shocks.
We could be exposing women to longer time interval of sexual assault with weapons likely to cause more trauma due to keratinization.

If beau and health are the elements of every mix, then results are assured

Sunday, 13 October 2013

PCR Negative Aids Baby or a Hood

HIV is a political hot potato for many a professional. It has been yanked right out of what should be a straight forward scientific debate and branded with such political vernom, an Nkandlagate is competition no more.

I am no expert on HIV related issues, but the supposed leaders in the field seem to be not much wiser either. Mbeki is kicked out of government but wild ideas about what should be science are still abound. The definition of PCR negative children has to be revised.

Yes, I am refering to that important statistic that allows men and women who are HIV positive to indulge in condom free sex and leave supposedly HIV free babies for welfare to take care of. I am referring to that important statistic that allows NGO's to get more funds to plough into their heroic fight against HIV funding.

The baby is clinically aids with all the manifestations, all we need is the laboratory result to confirm it. It comes then as no suprise that the PCR result is negative. There is just too much at stake in this contradiction. The government has to be seen to be doing right. The NGO need justification for their continued funding. The drug companies need the right results to justify the sales.

The scientist needing double blinded confirmation of what seems to be non brainer has no chance in hell of being heard. We have a problem. We still have AIDS children born out of HIV positive parents. The only thing missing is the positve PCR.

Once the parent has been given the important lifeline, the negative PCR result I meant to say, it is very difficult to ask for an HIV elisa in the now 2 year old plus baby. All this family has is hope, nobody can possibly wrestle that out of their grasp.

Don't mistake me for Mbeki and his loons. I am hungry for good news. I am yearning for a cure and will use any positive outcome out any study, irrespective of how many straws we have to clutch at. Weight being my mainstay, I should be cheering for any kilos shed off the waistline, but this takes the obssesion too far. We will be found wanting if it appears we were party to a cover up, worse still we had nothing to gain from the exercise.

The HIV experts want us to ascribe such immune related diseases to poverty and malnutrition. Could Mbeki and his group have influenced the train of thought of this learned professionals or is there some truth to it.

If biochemistry and physiology of beauty and health are the elements of every mix, then results are assured