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Monday, 29 August 2011

How Weight, Muscle, Exercise and Fat Loss Relates?

A popular joke in my student days was that a president of Inkatha, then Mangosothu Buthelezi, only managed to use one percent of his brain during a lifetime, therefore the much more than expected asking price for his almost new organ at an after death parts auction. This couldn’t have been closer to the truth at scientific research level, no not the price of Gatsha’s organ, but the practically brand new brains of so many of us dying in old age. We didn't know Zuma either, he could have beaten Gatsha's hammer price hands down.

Brain is the most effective way to waste energy and glucose so as to avoid it getting stored in our love handles as fat, muscle is only second best, but fortunately we have masses of it, therefore it can still be used as tool number one in weight loss strategies. The rest of the organs are far behind the two champions in energy expenditure. If we have to remember the opening statement that even Albert Einstein is running at less than idling speed, then hoping to lose weight the brain route is a lost battle for most of us.  A good tool, but beyond reach for all except Hawkins. Our only route is to build muscle with static exercise and maintain it.

It is no use trying the aerobic way as I have mentioned in my earlier blogs that you need a comrade’s marathon a week to achieve that. No use either to try to lose weight by going on diet and denying yourself food only to die of colonic or prostate cancer because you lack selenium or an essential micro nutrient that was not yet discovered in supplements you are presently taking. You need to eat every category of whole and natural non processed foods. Your only survival instinct out of this obesity/cancer/fast food nightmare is two fold.

Eat organic food for life or as close as possible, natural and whole food. Eat it as the Lord gave it to you from the Garden of Eden including the meat. Avoid fast foods like a leper. Eat them raw or steam your vegetables if possible to avoid losing the nutrients in the water you drain out. Meat should be wild, turkey, fish, free grassed beef and specifically free running chicken (egg to fully grown chicken in a week not an alternative) but you have to pass this one over a flame minimum, lest your masseter traps you in an evolutionary grip.

Exercise has to be anaerobic (that is push yourself to the extreme) with static muscle build up breaks in between. Repeat as many as possible of these cycles. The weight losing component is not in how many calories the treadmill read before you hit the shower, but how much muscle you build up so as to lose fat while you are sleeping that evening, 24 hours a day for life.

If biochemistry and physiology of beauty and health are the elements of every mix, then results are assured

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