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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Serotonin, Brain as a Predictor of Violence, Aggression and Antisocial Behavior

Antisocial behavior or social deviance has been found to be associated with low serotonin in the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). The decrease is even more significant  if you consider that it applies to patients originally presenting as depression as well and could, if was practical to tap Mike Tyson on a monthly basis, be used in theory at least to predict who is more likely to be violent against the community or commit suicide.

An underactive sympathetic nervous system as evidenced by very low heart rate, poor electro dermal conduction (decreased sweatiness and nervousness when emotionally challenged) are part of the make up of the most violent criminals. This is the basis of the lie detector test, meaning that we catch those that commit the crime and feel bad about it. The psychopaths are freed whether he committed the crime or not. We have an obvious defect to this system as far as fitness is concerned as well. The fit will be bundled with the criminals behind bars.

PECT scans of the amygdala during an exposure to unpalatable situations, like sad faces is a good predictor of violent predisposition as well. Price here will be a limiting factor though some will say a potential criminal behind bars is worth any amount. What if we say that the lack of high that these subjects suffer from is the basis of them having to commit worse deeds to get the same activation we get from a bike ride or say sex? Could they be given custom made roller coaster ride at tax payer expense every time they had an itch say?  

The frontal lobe on the other hand was activated by angry faces in the normal group. As you would have guessed, the criminals under reacted at the amygdala level and the frontal cortex to both. The empathy that is missing in the criminals could be chemically based (e.g lack of serotonin) and need only a pill or roller coaster to suppress.

Genetic association to violence is scanty except the Dutch family with mental retardation, hyper sexuality and violence in males.  It was found X linked chromosomal abnormality that was carried but not expressed by females.

I don’t to claim to have a solution to crime and violence but at least give those subjects that want to help themselves when they feel the need to kill some tools to help themselves. It could back fire on me and get used by criminal law departments as helplessness in the face of an obvious pathology that doctors chose not to treat, or lack of facilities on the part of the community to cater for the faster roller coasters.
I suggest you take it out on comrades marathon or for the squeky type like me on investing to cover the extra tax you will soon have to pay. 

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