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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Steps to Full Recovery post Atherothrombotic Stroke

Everything depends on how soon you brought your mum, dad or son for medical attention from the time of an acute episode.
Every tissue becomes threatened when cut off blood supply for more than five minutes, starting with the brain. Recovery though has been found to be still possible if blood supply is corrected even up to one hour in case of the brain. The elderly atherosclerotic is more important when we discuss the blood dissolving (thrombolytic treatment) as they are more likely to suffer from this type of stroke.

If you dad or mom has coronary artery disease (heart attack in the past) or impotence, even more so.
Diabetes is another common disease that has an additive effect on atherothrombotic disease

This are the steps to getting full recovery tabulated.

                Within one hour, get the family member to hospital.
                Bring the drugs that he or she takes specifically Warfarin, aspirin and anti hypertensive.

                We scan the patient to decide whether he had an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.

                The difference is very important as the hemorrhage will worsen after clot dissolving medication and might need surgical intervention, adding to complications.

                We administer the clot dissolving medication if indicated.

                The difference between bedridden and walking family member is realized after a few minutes injection.

                If the stroke is due to a bleed, the recovery will also be better than untreated atherothrombotic stroke anyway, therefore that which we cannot treat comes out right as well.

The loss of function in the atherothrombotic stroke is therefore as recoverable as is in myocardial infarction, only difference is we have to exclude a bleed first.

The long term difference between the treated and the late group is vast.

The saving in the length of admission, labor in terms of in hospital rehabilitation unit, pain and suffering is immeasurable.
That we depend on the community to deliver the sick member in time cannot be over emphasized.

The member has to be delivered to the right facility as well because claiming ignorance and saying you came within an hour at hospital without a CT scan can only raise blood pressures and complicate issues further. Good luck with your family member.
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