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Sunday, 19 June 2011

How to Flatten your Belly Fat by increasing Leptin.

Your belt, as I often say is diagnostic of your lifespan. The prognosis needs no computer nor calculus.
If your circumference at the belly button level is more than 35 inches as a lady or 40 as a man, your mortality in 10 years is double that of the control group.
Having a normal BMI (body mass index) doesn’t protect you and a quick liposuction won’t do it for you either.

For once money can’t buy you health, a sore point in my health clinic and moral make up that I have almost lost as I got sucked into the private health industry.

Leptin, an adipocyte secreted hormone that regulate energy homeostasis, has significantly advanced our understanding of human physiology and has provided new avenues for treating both obesity and anorexia nervosa.
If the leptin homeostasis is disturbed, like you get with obesity, leptin insensitivity and crawling basal metabolic rate (refer to our weight loss manual from the website), losing weight is next to impossible.

There are simple ways to reverse that though.

• Lose weight to increase sensitivity to leptin signals. This could reverse diabetes (study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston) and its subsequent side effects. Eat right for your homeostatic balance.
• Lower your stress level, and therefore your cortisol. Excessive cortisol inhibits leptin function and lays belly fat around your waist line.
• Increase your growth hormone level. Depressed growth hormone causes premature aging, insomnia, depression, lack of energy, increased body fat and weight gain.
• Eat more protein and increase your physical activity.
• Eat low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates only.
• Cheat day is the only exclusion and should not reverse the good done for the rest of the week.
• Eat more of the zinc supplements
• Stop smoking

From the above you can immediately see that leptin, like insulin and glucose play a pivotal role in fat metabolism and reproduction. The similarity extends further when you realize that the same fat group that has insulin resistance is very likely to have leptin resistance as well.

Considering that leptin is a cytokine, like IL6, we will have lots to discover still as far as its inflammatory effects are concerned. To fit a fat into immune cell group needs a lot of re adjustment in medical world but more still has to be discovered to breach the missing links.

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