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Friday, 27 May 2011

Municipal water, Fluorination and Bottled water companies

Water, municipal piped and distributed I have to stress from the beginning, is a politically charged emotive issue. It’s probably best left for politicians and scammers like bottled water industries who want to make money out of the poor. Honest discourse is unheard of in this field as both parties are not known for fair play.

When we declare water to be clean from medical point of view, we mean free of bacteria, e.g E coli, cholera etc, free of toxic industrial pollutants and heavy metals like mercury, lead chrome 6 to mention a politicized few. Calcium and sodium are not included as pollutants but when your bottled water industry representative or ‘scam doctor’ ignorantly holds the sludge formed after  passing electricity through electrodes like a grade 5 student for you to behold, it is precipitated calcium he is showing. Calcium is necessary for your bone development and nerve conduction. Had he lasted a year longer at primary school, he would know as well. Unless anybody knows a friend with electrodes attached to a lightning source walking around or waiting for a strike from the sky; that calcium will remain in a soluble state until it’s used. God wanted it dissolved in water before you can use it. That is one of the scientific reasons there is life on earth, water to dissolve solids. What it eventually forms structurally, bone for example cannot be handled by the body if eaten solid, for obvious reasons that you and me know. Ignorance is bliss for some 'doctors', but deadly for some of of those listeners that believe 'doctors' know best, as they might really think bland water is healthy.

It is very difficult for one to defend government fluorination though. It should have been best replaced by iodine, an element just below it on the periodic table with just as good a sterilizing profile if not better, but no immunosuppressive tag fluorine has to carry around. That is an ideal world, where water purification systems work as they should, but a few municipalities have bacterial contamination problems on constant basis. It might be that the over fluorination is their intended drive to make sure that anything that mistakenly enters the water should not survive, because they know the isolation of the water systems from sewerage is not absolute, but unfortunately it’s killing our immune cells as well.

Answers will always be individualized. If it is Rand water (SA) it is likely to be following procedure and the water will be clean. It will therefore be healthier for you to drink than any bottled water. Remember that the water has to have sludge if electricity is passed through it, the calcium has to precipitate, that is how bone is formed, you are not a battery and the dissolved sludge is the substance of your bones, if you don’t have it, you can’t stand.
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