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Friday, 28 October 2011

At what level IQ is Hysterectomy Justifiable?

Ethics is a muddy field for anybody with any plan, as everybody else interests becomes so influential that your own goal becomes of secondary nature once you become dirtied. It is a lot easier to insulate yourself with presumed ethical plasma and be prepared to stretch it in whatever direction the wind blows.

My student days were the most turbulent as my plasma was not as elastic as it is now. Maybe my direction was passive as the ship was driven by professors a lot bigger than my morally inflated self. Maybe science was never meant to be ethical. The human side of medicine should be left to men clad in dresses at the back of the mission hospital and the confessing doctor who has seen it all and run with most. Should the roman Catholics take part though?

I will just give a very benign example of what I mean. When girls start menstruating, hygiene is as important now as ever and any form of mental retardation could land you on an operating theatre booked for hysterectomy. The kid will bleed no more post op, but then she can’t have kids either. The usually single and just as IQ challenged parent signing the consent is as happy as the surgeon sharpening the knife. The retarded boy on the opposite corner gets injected with depo provera to dull his sexual urge, and a sick and usually sex crazed parent behind the curtains takes his place.

This very sick family member sexually abusing the kids (who probably is the reason the kid is on the operating theatre to start with) gets protected from all directions. Hitler rises all over again to decide who can breed and who gets the snip. What cut off point on the IQ graph is fair. Could the very same doctor be next on the table in the next decade as peoples IQ improve? Could the retard be superior in a form of intelligence not covered by IQ?

My paediatric professor was quick to shut us up when we started giggling on realising the real numbers behind the stats. Most people are average, and they carry most of the burden in keeping the economy on the boil. Severe mental retardation is probably just over the very intelligent in absolute numbers, which by the way is just as disabling. We are supposed to be as much a drain on the economy as the retards at least.

Picture then what chance this usually happy kids have of any procreation and offspring. The doctor on the surgical group and the parent in the other corner, both disabled in their own ways and both intent on reaching their limited plasma insulated goals. Anybody who has lived a Downs baby seems to get attached and very protective of them. Are we missing something? Does the fact that I reject the notion of hysterectomy for retards a little less as I aged have anything to do with self interests and my goals classed higher than others? Could I be sharpening my knife and thus be impatient about anything or anybody delaying my adding her to my invoice? 

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