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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Weight loss, a step at a time?

Evidence based studies have shown that mini steps exacted at a level of behavioural changes is more important than a New Year resolution a year for ten years.

Eating multiple meals through out the day including breakfast is very important for your waistline as a platform from which to expand this.
Just as vital is drinking water and not sodas to replace the perceived space inside your stomach. The stomach like an elastic balloon cannot retain the half full shape, it is the stretch that gives you the full stomach feel and the next meal the stretch has to be tighter.

Take lots of protein and fat to a lesser extent rather than carbohydrates, the nucleus accumbens massager. They make you full for longer and are usually not addictive.

Avoid chips like a leper of yesteryears; they are full of transfats, enemy number one that gives fats a bad name. Taking steps instead of the usual lift at work and taking a cold shower rather than the daily hot bath will take you a long way towards your ideal figure.

Add certain spice like cinnamon, rosemary, garlic, paprika and oregano to lift your metabolic rate and decrease the free radicals.
Fill the spaces between the meals with nuts of all kinds. Avoid them salted; they are a cauldron for hypertension and its complications.

Eat your vegetables which preferably should be full of colour as raw as you can without getting sick from the bacteria carried as part of such side effects. Eat home cooked, all natural and non processed meals every day. The preservatives in the food are responsible for your non performance in bed.

Exercise in moderation and it has to be predominantly static rather than aerobic in type. You are trying to lose weight here; competing against Bruce Fordyce can wait.
Fitness has never been a negative in any program though. Only remember a thin fit person has a lower chance of burning half the fat compared to a heavy but muscled slob.
Inefficient caloric burn is the working phrase here, be the American V8 rather than a Japanese 1.2 litre electro petrol hybrid.

Fat is petrol in this model if we indulge in this psychiatric mud bath a little further, and you want to run out of petrol if you idle for longer than five minutes, full tank or not.
You should not have to take the car for a drive to empty the tank. You should not have to be out on the road for fat loss. I hope you are still sane after this psychiatric diversion, I have anxiety disorder already, I have to get used to the fast lane. 

If biochemistry and physiology of beauty and health are the elements of every mix, then results are assured

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