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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cinnamon, a miracle cure for diabetes

If it gets out how effective cinnamon is in controlling sugar, drug company losses will be catastrophic in the short term.

Diabetes cinnamon and humans have been together as long as history. Sidelining it, if intended has been detrimental for evolution of our species. Musle like insulin promotes passage of glucose into cells and fat does the opposite. It looks like while sweating it out to promote glucose metabolism we forgot cinnamon. While we squabble in the medical field waiting for the food to be patented in the form of a tablet, our waist lines are growing and mortality is spiraling out of control.

The beneficial effect of cinnamon was proven beyond doubt by a study done in Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Dr Anderson.  The use of conventional oral treatment or even insulin plus cinnamon is synergistic. That is to say that two plus two becomes equal to five when the quantitative effect of either is measured against the final result. The incidence of diabetes in our communities is out of control and we are incapable it seems of doing anything about it. That we have such an arsenal of weaponry against it and don’t put the cinnamon in municipality water and distribute the water for free is beyond my limited brain. The cost in morbidity and mortality of diabetes will pay in multiples the revenue lost in water invoices if you still wondering what about the Rand Water Board.

The effect on say a populations like Indians in South Africa who have a relatively high incidence of diabetes could be sobering. Africans also have just as bad numbers when we consider non insulin dependent diabetes and insulin resistance. Politicians are not known for their intelligence or commitment to any cause unless it’s war on declared on an oil drenched country, and if you are you get a vote of no confidence and shown the door. It’s up to sub human group faced daily with this onslaught to formulate alternatives. There are other alternative medicines from far fetched areas in China that we can source but this one is in your kitchen and you’re waiting to put it in a cake mixture. How we were made to think that it can only be used in food that is so bad for your glucose profile could be enlightening if investigated.

We advice that you use it as much as you want, meat, gravy,drink but always remember that the water soluble part is the most important component. You could post pone your first diabetic presentation by years and if you already have it your complications could be reversed or at least arrested because of better control. All my patients are using it and more than half have been able to do without the insulin and get perfect control on oral hypoglycemics alone. Imagine the relieve when after years of insulin injections you can break free and start doing all the mountain climbing without having to bring a fridge with.

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